Our Design

Our Design

New Zealand designer Kate Sylvester's conceptual collections embody intelligence, witty irreverence, sophistication and modern femininity.

Ever the subtle subversive, Kate Sylvester plays off disparate references, seamlessly stitching sportswear with couture, menswear with womenswear, pop culture with history, high art with punk rock. Her resulting collections are at once eccentric, beautiful and intelligent. Each collection challenges nostalgic sensibilities with modern use of colour, cut and exclusive in-house prints.

Kate Sylvester has always loved clothes. She believes the true value of clothing is in its design, how it was made and how long it will last.

At Kate Sylvester, our approach is slower, smaller and simpler. We are a boutique business who creates small runs of garments that are made to order each season. We rarely produce over 100 units in any style, with some pieces we run as few as six.

Kate Sylvester is committed to supporting our local garment production industry by producing locally made, high quality garments and products that are made to last, with premium materials. We proudly make at least 85% of our Kate Sylvester collection in New Zealand. When local manufacture is not possible we work closely with hand-picked factories off shore.

Kate works to create real clothes for real life, modern yet timeless classics that will be loved for a lifetime, not a season.

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