Sakura dress Sakura dress

Sakura dress

Lucie trench Lucie trench

Lucie trench

Romeo blouse Romeo blouse

Romeo blouse

Odette dress Odette dress

Odette dress


How we wear KS

Explore our teams edit of their favourite pieces from the 93 23 collection.

Join our managers in store every Friday of September. We’ll be popping our Huia Vineyards X Kate Sylvester Sparkling Blanc de Blanc from 2pm. Enjoy a drink while browsing our 93 23 collection.

Charming t-shirt Charming t-shirt
Sold Out

Charming t-shirt

Birdie dress Birdie dress

Birdie dress

Bernadette blazer Bernadette blazer

Bernadette blazer

Selina longsleeve top Selina longsleeve top

Selina longsleeve top

Annette dress Annette dress

Annette dress

Harper blazer Harper blazer

Harper blazer

Dagmar jacket Dagmar jacket

Dagmar jacket

Verona top Verona top

Verona top

Alba trouser Alba trouser

Alba trouser

Clemency top Clemency top

Clemency top

Elissa trouser Elissa trouser

Elissa trouser

Anya skirt Anya skirt

Anya skirt

Peg trouser Peg trouser

Peg trouser

Nina dress Nina dress

Nina dress

Nanette cardigan Nanette cardigan

Nanette cardigan

Megan dress Megan dress

Megan dress

Winnie skirt Winnie skirt

Winnie skirt

Robyn short Robyn short

Robyn short

Kristen dress Kristen dress
Sold Out

Kristen dress

Meg top Meg top

Meg top


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