Sylvester Sessions #106

Sylvester Sessions #106

Sylvester Sessions #106

Roxie Mohebbi
Model & Actor
Auckland, New Zealand
Roxie wears our Bonnie Jumper, Denim JacketWoolly Stripe Jumper


Hey Roxie, tell us about yourself, what you do and what inspires you? 

I live in Tāmaki & work as a model & actor full time. I think lately, my inspiration has increasingly been coming from my family and the communities that surround them.


What are you working on at the moment; personally and professionally? 

Professionally - I’m working on a NZ TV show at the moment & hopefully have some more film work on the horizon here & abroad (can’t say much more but it’s exciting and feeling super grateful to be doing the mahi that fills my cup). Also have worked with some talented designers and brands on some fun shoots & shows too which I’m excited to see released!

Personally - haha a great question! Probably working on connecting with my culture and the identity that I’ve lost over the years in the diaspora. Learning to cook better Persian food from my Maman being a standout starting point. 


What are you currently reading/ listening to/ watching? 

Reading: Girl from revolution road - Ghazaleh Golbakhsh

Listening to: High - Def Multinational by Kōtiro  !! Everyday. 

Watching: Cousins. Everyone needs to see this film. Incredible indigenous storytelling. I wept the *entire* time. 


What’s your favourite thing about the cooler months? 

Hot water bottles & a weekly remedial spicy & sour soup from Eden noodles. 

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