Kate discusses the Aleph Beauty collaboration

Kate discusses the Aleph Beauty collaboration

Kate discusses the Aleph Beauty collaboration

How did the Kate Sylvester x Aleph Beauty partnership come about?

Working with Aleph for our Fashion Week show in 2023 was the foundation of the partnership. We were initially drawn to the shared values of mindfulness and sustainability. We appreciated that Aleph is transparent about every ingredient as well as the complete packaging process. They use premium vegan ingredients and we love that it is a clean makeup brand with skincare benefits. 

What is the inspiration behind the Gloria lip colour that you have created?

Gloria Steinem and Gloria Vanderbilt are both very strong women so I wanted to create a really bold colour to celebrate them.

The palette for this collection goes from soft neutral tones to intense bright blue, poppy and lots of shades of berry and we needed to find a shade that would work with as much of the collection as possible. As soon as I saw our Gloria shade I knew it was the one, it works with all of our colours and has a fantastic energy.

I love that Aleph is clean makeup with skin care so the lipstick feels hydrating, it can be used with the brush to create a swiped on tint colour or layered up for a powerful, strong lip. It is also long-lasting without being impossible to remove at the end of an evening,

How does lip colour add to your wardrobe?

From a wardrobe perspective, applying lipstick can instantly make an outfit feel more put-together and polished. Adding a lipstick to a trouser and t-shirt look can enhance the laid-back ensemble or with a dress, sneakers, add a swipe of lipstick to take your outfit from casual to put together.

What mood does the Gloria lip colour convey to you?

Named after our AW'24 collection muses Gloria Steinem and Gloria Vanderbilt, the Gloria lipstick colour blend is the perfect red with an unexpected pop of orange. The colour is strong, energetic, and engaging that works with and brightens every skin tone.

Red lipstick has long been a symbol of women’s liberation and rebellion. A swipe of red on the lip was once thought to be scandalous, but is now a fierce mark of independence. I wear it almost like armour when I need to step up to a challenge. Putting it on feels like a daily ritual where I can be ready to take on the day.

Balancing the glamour of Vanderbilt and the irreverent effortlessness of Steinem, our AW'24 collection and Gloria lip colour are both polished and progressive. Evoking an independent spirit, this collaboration epitomizes all the glorious, gritty glamour of ‘70s New York and celebrates the determination of two strong, artistic women and how they made their mark.




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