93 23 Runway • Get the Look

93 23 Runway • Get the Look

93 23 Runway • Get the Look

Shop the runway and receive the hero beauty products from our catwalk show to recreate the look. 

Spend $500 in store this weekend and receive a full-sized Aleph Beauty Cheek/Lip Tint in Sangha used to create our quintessential poppy red lip, and a full-size Oribe Imperial Blowout styling cream to create our effortless hair knot.

A natural glow from within by Aleph Beauty

1. Prep the skin with The One Reset and Restore Moisture Cream. Follow by pressing a few drops of serum/primer into the skin to lock in moisture.

2. Lightly buff concealer/foundation into the skin using an Aleph brush for an ultra natural coverage.

3. Apply a touch of Aleph Lift/Lengthen Mascara using Aleph Mascara fan brush to the roots of curled lashes.

4. Add a touch of blush across the cheek using a mix of Cheek/Lip tint Grounded and Emanate applied with the fingers.

5. Smudge Cheek/Lip Tint Sangha across the lip.

A modern knot by Colleen X Oribe

1. Apply a liberal amount of Oribe Imperial Blowout from roots to tips. In 2-inch sections, smooth the hair using a boar bristle brush and your hair dryer in a downward motion. Stretch and polish the ends. 

2. Section your hair 4 inches deep from temple to temple. Apply Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray to the roots. Brush in an upward motion away from the face to create volume. 

3. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth hair back into a low ponytail, secure tightly with elastic, leaving a long end of your elastic free for step four.

4. Twist the ponytail until it's tight, applying Oribe Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax as you go to create a smooth, controllable foundation for your knot. Twist into a knot with the ends of the hair left out to create a fan effect, fasten the base of the knot with the remaining elastic.


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